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what to photograph

By: Elsie Larson

Hello! Elsie here. You may have opened this tutorial because you want to post creative and interesting photos online, but you’re not even sure where to start. I’m happy to share some ideas of things that are easy to photograph and hopefully give you some inspiration!

In each season of my life I’ve had different passions for what I wanted to capture in my photography. I think it’s important to first evaluate what season you’re in and what you are most excited to document. 

When I got my first camera I was so excited to just walkthrough the park and take photos of flowers and trees. In my mid-twenties whenI was figuring out who I wanted to be I joined a 365 day challenge on Flickr to take a self portrait every day. In that season of my life it was a powerful tool for me to gain confidence as a photographer and stay challenged. When we moved into our home I was obsessed with renovation photos. And just this past year as I became a mom for the first time my focus shifted to documenting my daughter’s childhood. 

There are so many amazing topics to take photos of. Whatever you love, I recommend making it into a series where you can build a collection of images you are proud of that that keep you inspired and challenged.


daily outfits

This is something I have always loved taking photos of. If you bought a new outfit, document it! You never know who may see that photo and get inspiration for an outfit of their own.  Now that I’m a mom, it’s also fun to take photos with Nova and show what we’re wearing for the day (especially our matching outfits!).


plants + flowers

This is one of the easiest things to take photos of! You can find beauty in nature just by stepping outside, so why not whip out your phone and snap a photo? If you want to something other than an up close shot of flowers, try holding them in a photo.



This is another effortless thing to capture. You can take an amazing photo of the sky from just about anywhere. Whether you’re cruising in the car, taking a hike, watching the sunset, or looking out your bedroom window, just point your camera at the sky and snap away!


the changing seasons

Try taking a photo outdoors of the same thing or at the same angle for every season to see how it’s changes.



Something about baking photos are so cute!! Maybe it’s because the desserts always look so appetizing? Don’t limit this to only baking though! Whatever your hobby may be, photograph the process of creating it.



Like I mentioned above, interiors have been something I’ve loved taking photos of ever since my Husband and I moved into our home. It’s so fun to show your home projects and things you’re proud of. (Not to mention before and after photos are so fascinating!!)



This seems like a given since everyone wants to document their vacations, but challenge yourself to take photos that are a bit out of the ‘norm’ while on vacation. Find inspiration around you and document the fun in your own creative way!

A series I’ve been loving to photograph lately is photos of my daughter making art. Creative play is very important to me, but it’s also a lot of work and can be discouraging when you factor in toddlers. I take photos of each one of our creative adventures and the ongoing series of memories we are creating keeps me motivated to keep adding more!  

Here are some examples from my series- all edited with A Color story. 

Here are some more ideas for things to take photos of: 

-a project you are proud of at work

-a collection 

-your favorite spots in your hometown 

-nature hikes 

-self portraits 

-your friends and family 


Choose a photo series that challenges you and brings you closer to your goals! -Elsie 

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