Advanced tools to create fresh, colorful photos

{right in your pocket}

400+ Filters

Instead of filtering your photos to look all the same, A Color Story filters aim to enhance the color you’ve chosen in your composition. Bright whites, rich color, and clean adjustments.

100+ Effects

Add, rotate and drag a photo effect to the perfect position. These light leaks, flares, color fogs, and grain use multiple layers and blend modes to become truly part of your photo.

20+ Tools

Sometimes a photo needs a little more fine-tuning than any filter can provide, so A Color Story honed in on the most useful editing tools to get it just right, including fully functioning curves and HSL.


Like all the adjustments you just made? At any time, you can save your editing steps to make your own custom filter to use on any photo or video.


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Instagram post 2198407392046258333_1098918605 Stay cozy tonight!! @allison.crawford edited this using Cozy from #AColorStoryCozy and Exhale from #AColorStoryAtHome ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2198075317289763749_1098918605 Beautiful edit from @brandyjschaeffer using Key Lime and Sundial from #AColorStoryIsland 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2197682673577937775_1098918605 Love the colors in this one!! @lcane's filter recipe is 43% Westwood from #AColorStoryMood and 83% Tori from #FlashesOfDelight ✨🧡 #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2197353474591580103_1098918605 So fun!! ⛸❄️ @traveloutsidethebox captured this one using April from #AColorStorySeasons and Paris from #AColorStoryJetsetter 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2196625737867099424_1098918605 💖 A one-filter edit using Jelly Bean from #CandyMinimal by @littlewing_az 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2196233079500021765_1098918605 Lovely colors! 😍 @cherinemimou's filter recipe is 70% Cinnamon from #ACSHarvestMoon, 36% Haze from #AColorStoryNorthWest, Color Plus, + Curves 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2195508343874648334_1098918605 There's nothing like the first snowfall each year! 😍 Edited by @rob_prins_ using Pop from #AColorStoryPop ❄️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2195176174701824036_1098918605 Love these colors from @stellalunastudio! Edited using Puerto Rico from #AColorStoryJetsetter, Honey Pot from #CandyMinimal + custom adjustments 💜 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2194783766695351223_1098918605 Lovely! Edited by @carosshots using Ice Ice from Essentials + custom adjustments 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2194451416368718901_1098918605 This one took our breath away!! 😍 @stellalunastudio edited this using Cabana+ with Holiday | Desktop ❤️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2194058776601034189_1098918605 The perfect use of Flannel from #ACSHarvestMoon by @j_llynch! 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2193726737056069496_1098918605 Flurry season! ❄️ Edited by @alexmariemenz using Myths from #AColorStoryTwilight ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2193334018133685775_1098918605 A stunning shot by @alwaysyoursevents, edited with Elodie and Cassidy from #FlashesOfDelight 💖 #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2192609235093736063_1098918605 A lovely one-filter edit from @lorenhutro using Ice Ice from Essentials 💛 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2192488501701600986_1098918605 Surreal!! ☂️ @colourspeak_kerry_ captured this using April from #AColorStorySeasons, Punch from the Blush +pack, Paris from #AColorStoryJourney + custom adjustments 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2191552437427618989_1098918605 Lovely edit by @lorelai_sebastian! Edited using Enough from #AColorStoryIAM, Udo from #ACSLostStories, the Enchant effect from Texture + custom adjustments! 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2191159673423290298_1098918605 Simple beauty! Edited using Garnet from #AColorStoryGolden + custom adjustments by @lula.of.hollywood 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2190827534065582994_1098918605 Skies are blue! 🌈 A one-filter edit using Flannel from #ACSHarvestMoon by @janikapolkki 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2190434943175218025_1098918605 Love this composition!! 💗 Edited by @wanderforawhile using Honey Pot and Simple Syrup from #CandyMinimal ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2190102747318209736_1098918605 Love the pastels!! 💛 @aloumode edited this using Vacation from #AColorStorySummer + custom adjustments 💗 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2189712897298263101_1098918605 A one-filter edit using Vivid from #AColorStoryPop by @feisty_foreigner ❤️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2189377940617963681_1098918605 A sunny fall day! 🍁 Edited using Corn Maze from #ACSHarvestMoon + custom adjustments by @hello_kendy 🧡 #AColorStory