Advanced tools to create fresh, colorful photos

{right in your pocket}

400+ Filters

Instead of filtering your photos to look all the same, A Color Story filters aim to enhance the color you’ve chosen in your composition. Bright whites, rich color, and clean adjustments.

100+ Effects

Add, rotate and drag a photo effect to the perfect position. These light leaks, flares, color fogs, and grain use multiple layers and blend modes to become truly part of your photo.

20+ Tools

Sometimes a photo needs a little more fine-tuning than any filter can provide, so A Color Story honed in on the most useful editing tools to get it just right, including fully functioning curves and HSL.


Like all the adjustments you just made? At any time, you can save your editing steps to make your own custom filter to use on any photo or video.


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Instagram post 2225616765730984682_1098918605 😍 Fresh from #AColorStoryNorthWest is the filter @danimeep used for this beautiful scene. Take us there!! 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2225224466506994059_1098918605 Love these colors!! @chrismoon1969's filter recipe is 50% Sugar Pill from #CandyMinimal and 20% Hepburn from #AColorStoryStardust 🌙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2224891929225508791_1098918605 Beauty in bloom! 💖 Edited using Carrie from #FlashesOfDelight + custom adjustments by @decotartelette 🌸#glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2224499341597553869_1098918605 Evidence of a relaxing day 💗 Edited by @northern_daisy using Lucky from #AColorStoryCardigan and Bright from the Organic +pack 🌸 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2224167155204608539_1098918605 Happy Saturday! 🧡 @danimeep captured this using Prism from the Glow +pack ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2223774533210302596_1098918605 😍🧡 Dusk from #AColorStoryNorthWest brought out this sky's natural beauty!! Great edit by @bird.travelwomen 🙌 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2223442682403668113_1098918605 An incredible one-filter edit from @hi.adri using Vegas from #AColorStoryJourney + custom adjustments 🌸 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2223049803859587463_1098918605 🌸 Pastel dreams! 🌸 Edited by @hopefuloutsiders using Queen from #AColorStoryIAM, June from #AColorStorySeasons, Honolulu from #AColorStoryJourney + custom adjustments 💖 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2222717748772629457_1098918605 A one-filter edit using Hot Toddy from the Style pack + custom adjustments by @thelondonwallflower 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2222325004162299021_1098918605 Nothin but blue skies! 💙Edited by @l.blzn using Cassidy and Solange from #FlashesOfDelight ✨ #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2221992900546382128_1098918605 A perfect capture! 💜 @jenicabree edited this using Moonstone from #AColorStoryGolden + custom adjustments ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2221600284921238059_1098918605 🌸💖 @stellalunastudio created this beautiful edit with March from #AColorStorySeasons, Scotland from #AColorStoryJetsetter, and Color + 💕 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2221268118022373175_1098918605 So serene 🌾💙 Captured by @sarahwassen using Pool Day from #AColorStoryAtHome and Paris from #AColorStoryJourney 💚 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2220875483000861151_1098918605 These colors!! 🤩🧡 Edited using Everyday from the Basics pack + curves by @tiffanyclapp 🙌 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2220543465166218439_1098918605 Winter wonderland! ❄️❤️ @traveloutsidethebox captured this using January from #AColorStorySeasons and Ice Ice from the Basics pack 🌲 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2220150758280707760_1098918605 😍 Love this one-filter edit by @hepiidayy using Jadeite from #AColorStoryGolden ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2219818529289232158_1098918605 🎡❤️ Beautiful!! Edited using Dreamsicle, Jelly Bean and Candy Apple from #CandyMinimal by @lovesey ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2219425954221722382_1098918605 A surreal edit from @teber 😱😍 Created using Dreamsicle from #CandyMinimal, curves, and the color + tool! 💝 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2219093788645701626_1098918605 Happy weekend!! 💖 @colourspeak_kerry_ edited this using Simple Syrup from #CandyMinimal + Parisian from #AColorStoryJetsetter, and she added the cute little stars with @adesignkit! 🌟 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2218701213135404354_1098918605 💙💕💙 Love these hues!! Edited by @krixhhna using Refresh from the Airy filter +pack 🗻 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2218701213135404354_1098918605 💙💕💙 Love these hues!! Edited by @krixhhna using Refresh from the Airy filter +pack 🗻 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2218344000510624931_1098918605 Happy Friday!! 😍 @lizmariegalvan's filter +pack, Farmhouse, is in the app now! She edited this photo with Green House, and we love the instant mood it created. Head to our stories to see some before + afters! 💗 #AColorStoryFarmhouse #AColorStory
Instagram post 2217976436849944739_1098918605 Stunning!! @nicolewakeley's one-filter edit is Borno from #ACSLostStories 💖 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2217653870736972590_1098918605 Little cutie!! 😍 @lizmariegalvan edited this with Bread Boards from #AColorStoryFarmhouse, which launches... TOMORROW! We can't wait to see what you create with this new filter +pack 💛 #AColorStory