Advanced tools to create fresh, colorful photos

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400+ Filters

Instead of filtering your photos to look all the same, A Color Story filters aim to enhance the color you’ve chosen in your composition. Bright whites, rich color, and clean adjustments.

100+ Effects

Add, rotate and drag a photo effect to the perfect position. These light leaks, flares, color fogs, and grain use multiple layers and blend modes to become truly part of your photo.

20+ Tools

Sometimes a photo needs a little more fine-tuning than any filter can provide, so A Color Story honed in on the most useful editing tools to get it just right, including fully functioning curves and HSL.


Like all the adjustments you just made? At any time, you can save your editing steps to make your own custom filter to use on any photo or video.


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Instagram post 2321981815437856813_1098918605 A beautiful one-tap edit by @allygrammin, made using the Captiva filter from #AColorStoryIsland ✨ Sending love to you all on this Monday ❤️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2321380351539488034_1098918605 #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforahmaudarbery #justiceforbreonnataylor 
We’ll be linking petitions, resources and organizations supporting the cause in our stories as well as making donations as a company. Please give if you are able. Any actions we can take matter. 🖤 #blacklivesmatter
Instagram post 2321256928440703897_1098918605 💐💐💐 The makings of an incredible arrangement! @wanderforawhile snapped these blooms using the Honeypot filter from #CandyMinimal and Punchy from the Organic filter +pack 🌷 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2320864365023941506_1098918605 California sunsets 😍💖 Captured by @kimgenevieve using May from #AColorStorySeasons and Rose Quartz from #AColorStoryGolden, plus a hint of a coral Color Fog effect 🌴 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2320532203183733934_1098918605 Dreaming of Paris!! 😍 @lukecabrahams captured this using the Everyday filter from the free Basics pack plus added warmth and highlight adjustments 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2320139550486455353_1098918605 Entering weekend mode 😎 @hebephoto captured this with Lime from #AColorStorySummer and the Color+ tool 🌊✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2319807912523806807_1098918605 Under the flowers 🤩🧡 @jessicahickerson captured this using London Bridge from #AColorStoryOnTheRoad, Sundial from #AColorStorySundial, and the Burn and Glimmer effects from #AColorStoryGlow 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2319414763622567354_1098918605 Summer colors!! 💖🧡💖 Edited by @colourspeak_kerry_ using Lush from #AColorStoryIAm and the Curves tool 🌸 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2318690023467598467_1098918605 Simple moments at home 😻 @lorelai_sebastian used Daiquiri from #AColorStoryPicnic, Candy Apple from #CandyMinimal, June from #AColorStorySeasons + custom adjustments to capture this relaxed scene ❤️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2318358078700250636_1098918605 Loving this color!! 🐛🦋 @equinoxodyssey captured this car corner using Silverlake from #AColorStoryMood and the Crescent effect from #AColorStoryPrism 🌈 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2317965240960548323_1098918605 😍🦢🌈 Lovely! Edited by @colourspeak_kerry_ using Puerto Rico from #AColorStoryJetsetter and 2002 from #AColorStoryCake 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2317633031598176227_1098918605 Knock, knock! 🌵💖 @mattcrump captured this shot using Jelly Bean and Simple Syrup from #CandyMinimal 😍 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2317240441178775924_1098918605 Obsessed with this edit from @wildeflowerpaperco!! 🧡 She edited it using Paris from #AColorStoryJourney and custom adjustments 🙌🌈 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2316908472980910514_1098918605 Flower fields forever 🌼🧡😍 @southerncaliforniabelle edited this using the Little Italy filter from #ACSSanFrancisco and Palisades from #AColorStoryMood ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2316515689145557013_1098918605 💐😍 A beautiful one-filter edit from @the_florista_ using the Ice Ice filter from the free Basics pack! image: @audreydarkephoto ❤️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2316185007524514662_1098918605 🤩🌈🧡 @ariellevey captured this magic using her Tobago preset from Holiday | Desktop with custom adjustments 💫 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2315790870900461634_1098918605 Loving these colors! 🌿 Edited by @littlewing_az using 100% of the Macaron filter, plus a little bit of Jelly Bean. Both of these filters are from the #CandyMinimal filter +pack 🤩 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2315458784396535631_1098918605 Cute Savannah!! 🚲🧡 Edited by @emilynicolejohns using the Lipstick filter from the free Style +pack and the Color+ tool 🦋 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2315066177847549240_1098918605 Have you downloaded the new Dust effects yet?! 📸 We are loving this photo by @majestical_jasmin with the Waves effect added—it's giving us alllll the nostalgia for scanned-in film. 😍❤️ #AColorStoryDust #AColorStory
Instagram post 2315066177847549240_1098918605 Have you downloaded the new Dust effects yet?! 📸 We are loving this photo by @majestical_jasmin with the Waves effect added—it's giving us alllll the nostalgia for scanned-in film. 😍❤️ #AColorStoryDust #AColorStory
Instagram post 2314715706669406225_1098918605 🌺📸 Introducing Dust! Our newest effect +pack features dust, grain, specks and flare inspired by the timeless aesthetic of film photography. These effects add juuust the right amount of mood to any photo. See more in our stories! 🤩❤️ #AColorStoryDust #AColorStory
Instagram post 2314341339846452247_1098918605 🌸❤️ So sweet!! Edited by @paulavandekamp using the January and March filters from #AColorStorySeasons 😍 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2314029860085748450_1098918605 Waking up in the desert 🤩🏜 @codunn's filter recipe is 100% Russian Hill from #ACSSanFrancisco and 92% Simple Syrup from #CandyMinimal 🌵 #AColorStory