Advanced tools to create fresh, colorful photos

{right in your pocket}

400+ Filters

Instead of filtering your photos to look all the same, A Color Story filters aim to enhance the color you’ve chosen in your composition. Bright whites, rich color, and clean adjustments.

100+ Effects

Add, rotate and drag a photo effect to the perfect position. These light leaks, flares, color fogs, and grain use multiple layers and blend modes to become truly part of your photo.

20+ Tools

Sometimes a photo needs a little more fine-tuning than any filter can provide, so A Color Story honed in on the most useful editing tools to get it just right, including fully functioning curves and HSL.


Like all the adjustments you just made? At any time, you can save your editing steps to make your own custom filter to use on any photo or video.


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Instagram post 2248416978435144111_1098918605 Peaceful 💙🛶 @dajana.krstevski edited this using Velvet from #AColorStoryPicnic ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2247692354772582216_1098918605 🙌🍭 An amazing one-tap edit using Dinner Mint from #CandyMinimal by @kathleenfitz 💖 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2247363013063625555_1098918605 Feeling this teal!! 🚲 A breezy one-filter edit using Ocean from the Style +pack by @voilacestiro 💛 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2246967424623437181_1098918605 Unreal!! 🧡 A one-filter edit using Pumpkin Spice from #AColorStoryHarvestMoon by @ebacarboney ✨#AColorStory
Instagram post 2246635416562307641_1098918605 Bright side! ☀️💗 Love how clean + bright this photo from @hopefuloutsiders is, edited with Snow Cone from Airy, Punch from Blush, Valerie from #FlashesOfDelight + custom adjustments 🌸 #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2246242630019058309_1098918605 Love the pop of color!! ❤️ Edited using Bath from #AColorStoryJourney and the Curves tool by @traveloutsidethebox 🙌 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2245910661693668083_1098918605 Did you hear we're doing a filter +pack with @teresacfreitas? 😍 We love her candy-colored editing style, and we can't wait to get it in your hands!! Coming soon ⛅️ #AColorStoryPalette
Instagram post 2245517858457022665_1098918605 Violet sky!! 🦄💜 Honeypot and Sugarpill from #CandyMinimal transformed this photo by @ariveitch 💘 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2245185731672521420_1098918605 🧡🌼🧡 Edited by @prettylittlebondi_ using April from #AColorStorySeasons, Firefly from #AColorStorySummer + custom adjustments 🙌 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2244793051920779160_1098918605 🌈🙌 Edited by @emilycveith using Highlighter, Wanderlust and Pop from #AColorStoryPop 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2244460958222429809_1098918605 Bright + sunny!! ☀️💛 @hey.maca edited this using Cassidy and Carrie from #FlashesOfDelight + adding brightness ✨ #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2244068290418026411_1098918605 Happy Valentine's Day!! 💗 We've got heart eyes for this photo by @rclayton, edited using Everyday from the Basics +pack, Wanderlust from #AColorStoryPop and custom adjustments. 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2243905682814589891_1098918605 We're spreading the love this Valentine's Day with a PHOTO CONTEST! ❤️💥 We've partnered with Kesha (@iiswhoiis) to give you the chance to win 2 TICKETS to a Kesha concert nearest you!!! To enter:⁠
1️⃣ Follow Kesha (@iiswhoiis) and @acolorstory⁠
2️⃣ Share an image to your feed using Kesha's FREE filter +pack in @acolorstory, called High Road⁠
3️⃣ Use the hashtag #AColorStoryHighRoad in your post⁠
4️⃣ Share multiple posts for more than one entry!⁠ 🙌⁠
Official rules: Must be 18 years old to win, contest excludes NYC tour date. Winner will be announced on 2/21/2020.
Instagram post 2243739860829261261_1098918605 We have some EXCITING news! 🎉🌸 @filmmapp is now available on Android devices!! Over 100 filters + effects are ready & waiting to be explored — see more in our stories. 💗 #filmm + #AColorStory
Instagram post 2243343491912568485_1098918605 @timesinphotos captured this sunset using Hong Kong from #AColorStoryJourney and Parisian from #AColorStoryJetsetter 🌅🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2243011403254104586_1098918605 Obsessed with this one from @thelondonwallflower!! Edited using Hot Toddy from our free Style +pack and custom adjustments. 🚙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2242618848980729543_1098918605 We are SO excited about our upcoming filter +pack with @teresacfreitas, called Palette! We're 100% in love with these dreamy, pastel hues. Coming soon!! 😍🌸 #AColorStoryPalette #AColorStory
Instagram post 2242286755113799944_1098918605 Pink mood!! 💕 A dreamy one-filter edit using Petals from #AColorStoryAtHome by @jessica.eatworld 🌸 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2241935493359912999_1098918605 😍🙌 @fresharchitect created this amazing edit using only tools and Color Fog effects! She stacked Coral, Blush, Jade and White Color Fogs for that beautiful gradient 💗 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2241935493359912999_1098918605 😍🙌 @fresharchitect created this amazing edit using only tools and Color Fog effects! She stacked Coral, Blush, Jade and White Color Fogs for that beautiful gradient 💗 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2241561839234009191_1098918605 Dream house(s)!!! @ariellevey captured this beauty using Chelan from Holiday | Desktop + custom adjustments 💚 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2241169182317584974_1098918605 What a view!! 🌊🌴 Edited using May from #AColorStorySeasons by @alliegee319 🙌 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2240837118263667747_1098918605 An incredible one-filter edit using Film Camera from the Blush +pack by @scottcanshoot 🧡 #AColorStory