Selective Edit

Selective edit is one of those the most useful tools in the app that many people may not know how to use! (It’s currently only available on iOS, but planning on adding it to Android soon!) It’s a way to make more precise editing when using our tools. For example, you’re editing a photo and there isa horrible shadow in the corner. You know that if you boost the brightness it will make everything overexposed. This is where selective edit would come in handy! You can target the area with the shadow and boost the brightness just in that area. Selective edit works with all of our tools so basically anything can be tweaked. Here is how to use it:


open adjustments

Open tools in adjust, choose a tool, and tap the plus sign in the bottom left corner.


find an area to edit

Move the target to the area you’re wanting to edit.


move slider

Adjust the slider to make your edit.


add more targets

Add multiple targets for more precise editing.

That’s it! From there, play around with it until you create your desired look. It’s pretty simple to get the hang of. Once you know the basics of how to use it, it all depends on your unique style and what you want to tweak!

Here is the before and after using Selective Edit:


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