Our newest filter +pack, Palette, from Teresa Freitas is so unique!! We love the painterly quality these edits provide, and we can’t wait to take you through the filters to show you everything they do.

Let’s take a look at one photo edited 13 different ways, with each of Palette’s filters applied!



Signature is a go-to edit with low contrast and pastel blues

modest pastel

This filter has a little more contrast than Signature, with a focus on whites

rosy cheeks

Red + orange are saturated here, as the name suggests!


Glossy features warm whites and cornflower blues

pastel punch

This filter gives an overall pastel vibe, with pops of saturation

razzle dazzle

Razzle Dazzle is full of bright, cool hues

western yellow

This filter has an overall yellow feel, which shows up as a warm mood

dried sage

Dried Sage has the same feel as Western Yellow, with an emphasis on green hues


Lavandula, like the flower name, brings out all the lovely lavender for a beautiful, soft edit


The least saturated of the filter +pack, Muted gives way to true whites and blacks with a dreamy feel

apricot azure

In this edit, blues turn toward teal, while orange and red stand out

infrared pink

The best place to look to see the full effect of this filter are the trees—see how they turn to pink?! Amazing

infrared violet

As Infrared Pink turns greenery toward pink, Infrared Violet does the same with purple hues

There are so many diverse looks in this filter +pack! Palette works great on bright, natural light photos, and we love the candy-colored edits it provides. Now, let’s take a look at a few before + afters.


The above photo was edited with Glossy, and we love how taking the contrast down gives this image a completely different feel!!


This one was edited with Western Yellow. See how it turns the sky toward a softer blue and brings out the yellows in the field? Loooove this edit.


This last before + after shows how the infrared filters work! Infrared Violet turns the green hues into a surreal violet — completely transforming this photo in just one click.

We hope you love Palette, and we can’t wait to see what you create using it! Use the hashtag #AColorStoryPalette to share your inspiring edits. ?

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