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with @vivid

Vivid Wu, AKA @vivid, is the incredible creator behind one of our favorite filter +packs, San Francisco! We recently caught up with her to chat about what’s inspiring — people, places, and colors. Check out this excerpt from our conversation:

Who (or what) is your biggest source of inspiration?

It’s hard to just name one. I am literally inspired by almost everything around me at any given point. First and foremost, I go to the women I call friends in real life and on Instagram.
Secondly, I’m lucky to have worked with so many amazing brands and designers around the globe and I get inspiration from all of them. In a nutshell, I can simply be inspired by anywhere I go, anything I see, and anyone I talk with.

How long have you lived in San Francisco?

I’ve been here almost 3 years, and one of my current goals is to buy a house with my husband here in San Francisco. We’re working our butts off to achieve this goal!
I love the Victorian architecture here. It gives the city a lot of its charm and character. Many San Francisco neighborhoods have at least a few Victorian houses. My favorite thing to do is wander the streets in my favorite neighborhoods and capture the beauty of these Victorians through my lens.

Who is your current creator crush?

Alyssa Coscarelli or @alyssainthecity. Her feed is everything — she posts about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and even her apartment is to die for. She really knows how to schedule time for fun outside of work, and she doesn’t exude the same air that some other girls in the fashion industry give off.
I had brunch with her once — she’s so beautiful and stylish, so down to earth and passionate about what she’s doing. My top girl crush!

Do you plan your Instagram content very far ahead, or are you more spontaneous? Let us in on your process.

I’d prefer being more spontaneous when it comes to Instagram content. That being said, if it’s a sponsored post, I will have to plan ahead and put it on my calendar. I try not to post several sponsored posts in a row. A good mix of paid and organic posts is very important to me. My routine is to take 4-5 sets of photos for a week’s worth of content and post them in the following week.

If you were limited to just one filter, which would you pick and why?

Little Italy. This is a filter that I find myself using constantly when editing images for Instagram, as it provides a great focus on color, without letting any color overpower another. It’s a simple, everyday filter that’s perfect for almost any image.


Thank you so much to Vivid for taking the time to share with us!! You can find her filter +pack, San Fransisco, on A Color Story for iOS and Android.

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