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how to get perfect fall vibes in your photos, every time

We’ve officially transitioned from “hot girl summer” to “cool girl fall”, and we’re SO excited for the weather to chill as we welcome the coming months.

This season is one of our favorites to capture—between the colors in nature and the cozy feelings autumn brings us, we’re always stopping to snap a photo. We’ve just released a filter +pack with Steffy, Harvest Moon, that focuses on the colors and feel of autumn. In this post, we’re going to share some photos edited with Harvest Moon and some of our other favorite filters that really show off what this season can do!

Keep Orange Saturated for a Color Pop

The photo above was edited with Haze from the North West filter +pack. We love how Haze keeps oranges really saturated while muting some of the other colors to really bring your focus to those cute lil pumpkins!

Shift Greens into a Yellow-Green

We love seeing green leaves subtly shift into yellow, and then brown, as this season progresses. This is easy to mimic on any photo where you want to amp up the fall tones! For the photo above, we used October from the Seasons +pack which gives greens a more yellow tone. This feel can be replicated using the Color+ tool if you select green and pull the hue slider toward yellow.

Play with Moody Edits

The photo above was edited with Cinnamon from Harvest Moon, which adds that instant fall mood! We love how the sky has shifted into a moody, dreamlike color.

Experiment With Shadow Play

This is the time of year where shadows become elongated as the days start to shorten. Our favorite fall photos play up what we find in nature, like this photo edited with the Summer filter +pack. The Vacation filter enhances the moodiness here!

Choose Warm Edits for a Cozy Vibe

This photo was edited with Garnet from the Golden filter +pack, which lightens and adds red hues to the shadows for a warm look. This edit feels cozy and nostalgic to us!

Try More Muted Highlights

The highlights of a photo are the brightest part—in this case, it’s the sky. You can play around with the highlights to make them brighter (more white) or dimmer (more grey). We love how muting the highlights in this photo gives it the feeling of a foggy day. We edited this one using Cedar from North West, which instantly gives photos warmth and that foggy feel.

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