Sharing our outfits on Instagram is 2020’s runway show, and we partnered with sisters Nasteha and Nuni Yusuf (AKA the Yusuf’s) to create the most perfect, fashion-forward filters we needed! Nasteha and Nuni are a huge inspiration to us — they are they are bloggers, YouTubers, and entrepreneurs, as well as being sisters, mothers, and refugees. Top that all off with an incredible sense of style, and you’ve got The Yusuf’s.

Let’s take a look at all of the new filters available in Nas and Nuni’s +pack!

no filter


A warm filter with subtle saturation


Nuni is a darker, edgier filter with grey/blue tones present

Street style

Warm, deep shadows, and bold


Luxe brings an overall warmth and enhances gold + yellow tones

a vision

This filter brings depth while retaining the present colors


Bright with pink hues leaning toward coral and enhanced highlights

Fashion week

Look at the sky in this edit! Fashion Week enhances blue + pink hues for a bright edit

Faded denim

You *must* try this filter on denim, because it 100% will give any pair of jeans an on-trend fade


Love a little black + white filter! This one is a classic


Street style inspired, with a darkened ground and bright highlights to mimic flash photography

en vogue

We love this muted filter, inspired by polaroid tones


Black + white with juuuust a hint of green tones to mimic that vintage look


Clean + crisp with bright whites and a healthy contrast


This filter enhances neutral tones well, with added sharpness to show off texture


Bright with undertones leaning toward green + yellow

a lewk

The most dramatic filter of the bunch, A Lewk enhances gold tones in a really fun way


The way this filter enhances red hues is — well, iconic!


Soft, coral tones and the perfect blue are present in this filter


Bold hues with a pumpkin spice feel


Light, airy, and bright blue!

Now let’s look at a few photos edited with the pack! Each filter is applied at 100% opacity.


The above image was edited with the “Iconic” filter, and you can see how it adds the perfect amount of “oomph” to the red hues. Very ’70s glam feeling!


Here, you can see how the “A Lewk” filter completely transforms the mood of this image. We love a one-tap edit that goes a long way!


Finally, we can’t get enough of this transformation, edited with the Nas filter. The hues become so rich and beautiful, perfectly complimenting Nas’s personal beauty.

We hope you enjoy using the Fashion filters, and we’d love to see your edits using them! You can share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #AColorStoryFashion. xo!

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