Hi, friends! We are so excited to share more about ACS co-founder Emma Chapman’s new filter +pack, Dessert. As you may know from her posts on A Beautiful Mess, Emma is passionate about baking and cooking delicious meals. So of course, Emma’s filters for food photography have been carefully created to bring out the best in your images! Let’s take a look.

Below is each filter applied at 100% opacity.


angel food

Adding contrast and dark shadows


Brightens the photo with clean, crisp midtones


A warm, pink filter with soft highlights

crumb top

A bright edit with strong highlights. A good filter for just about anything!

rose water

Whites lean more cream in this edit with soft shadows and good contrast

berry pie

Midtones lean green for a fun, vintage look

raspberry jam

A bright edit with violet undertones

hot chocolate

Adds brightness and saturated greens


Turns whites into a pinkish hue, we also love this filter on portraits!


Shadows are dark here, almost black, and blues lean toward teal


Dark shadows with violet undertones

Let’s take a look at a few before and afters!


The above photo is edited with Sprinkles, and I just love how it changes the whole mood of the image! Sweet + warm. 🙂


This photo of Emma was edited with Rose Water, and it’s a game-changer! This filter is definitely great for a one-tap edit when you’re wanting something simple.


And the above photo was edited with Affogato! Love how it gives a subtle but impactful blue tint to the image.

Thanks for letting us share about the new Dessert filters! Remember, our ACS+ subscribers will get this (and every +pack) for free with your membership. xo!

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