A Design Kit

5 fun collages to make
using a design kit

Have you seen A Design Kit 2.0 yet? It’s our biggest update to the app — ever! We’re SO excited to introduce the new features, especially the new Collage section. We’ve been having so much fun playing around with all the vintage-inspired scans and cutouts, and we’d love to share a few ways you can use these tools, too. Ready? Here we go!

Make a Bouquet

The Botanical pack comes free with this update to A Design Kit, and we love all the creative ways you can utilize these romantic flowers in your collages. You can add them sparingly or go big like Emma did in this stunning design below!

Spell It Out

Adding fun letters to your designs is easy as ABC with ADK 2.0! Write digital love notes (or ransom letters) with this new feature. Aren’t they so cute on the photo below?

Less Is More…

Another way to use the new Collage feature is to pick one cutout to use — almost like a sticker — on a design! In the image below, we’re using just one of the cutouts to enhance our design and bring more focus to the message.

…Or More is More!

We’re also loving all the different combinations from the Collage section that can make really unique, one of a kind designs! In this image below, we’ve used collages from Botanical, Tape, Star, Cutout, Flora and Phrases. It’s fun to see how the photo we’ve created this with almost disappears into the background as the design takes shape.

Add a Frame

We’ve seen some users add a frame using A Color Story and then bring the image into A Design Kit to add collages on top! We think this is a really fun way to show off the many types of realistic-looking tape.

We hope you have so much fun playing around with these new tools in A Design Kit, and we’re excited to now offer all-access to the app with ADK+! We’re giving the option to subscribe monthly or annually, and ADK+ subscribers will immediately gain access to ALL the Collage items with a membership.

Be sure to update your app to see all the new features, and tag us in your creations using #adesignkit. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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