A Color Story 2.0 for iOS is HERE!

We’re so excited to announce that A Color Story 2.0 is now available for iOS users! Not only did the app get a makeover, we also added some MAJOR changes based on suggestions from you guys.

Grid Planning!
One of the major changes we made in the app was adding grid planning! This will allow you to design, preview, and plan your Instagram feed. No more uploading & deleting to check and see if the photo fits your feed!

Batch Editing!
This is something that we have had several people suggest, and we’re finally here to deliver! Batch edit multiple photos & videos at once with your favorite filters and effects to keep a consistent look. Once you found the look you’re going for, you can add them straight to the grid.

Instagram scheduling!
Once your photo or video is edited and ready to be published, A Color Story will remind you when it’s time to post. You can write your caption inside of the app, then A Color Story will copy your caption and bring you straight to Instagram to post. Easy as that!

We’d also like to mention that the app now supports iPhone X users! If you haven’t had the chance, be sure to update the app inside of the App Store. After you play around with the new features, it would mean SO much for you to leave us a review!

A Color Story 2.0 for Android is still in the works, so stay tuned for an update there!

P.S. Did you hear that we made a new iOS app?! We recently announced that our new design app, A Design Kit, will be coming soon! If you want to stay updated and see photos of the app in action, be sure to follow @adesignkit on Instagram. So, so excited for this one!