A Color Story: Weekend +Pack Tutorial

A Color Story Weekend TutorialIn creating the Weekend +pack, Arielle Vey created each filter with more specific purposes in mind, which means not every filter works for every photo. So we thought it’d be great to have her really talk through the best uses for each filter.

Hi, everyone! Arielle here, and I’m so thrilled to tell you all about the filter +pack I created for A Color Story called Weekend! This pack is filled with warm, rich tones that emulate my style of editing and was truly inspired by my weekends here in Southern California. 

I wanted there to be something for everyone whether you love nature, lifestyle, or both! There are 11 filters total, and each one has something so different to offer. Today I’ll be navigating you through Weekend, touching on the effects of each filter, and giving examples of what kinds of photos are best for each one. 

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Bloom

Bloom is a hue shifter, meaning it will take a specific color in your photo and change it to a different one. In this case, we’re shifting from blue to purple while maintaining warm shadows. The whites will become brightened, and you’ll notice an instant contrast boost. It also maintains your green tones, which makes it perfect for nature. 

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Coast

Coast is a natural brightener with subtle warm tones. This filter is fantastic for portraits and all things lifestyle. There is a very light yellow tint to Coast and it will bring out the colors of your image. Best for: skin tones, lifestyle, and nature. 

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Boulevard

I created Boulevard with interiors in mind, and it ended up being a favorite for all kinds of photos. This desaturates your yellows but keeps a red undertone, so it gives off a cozy feeling. This filter brightens your highlights and is also great for skin tones. It’s an all around neutral filter with a really unique look. Best for: interiors, lifestyle, skin tones, and nature.

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Seafoam

Seafoam is another hue shifter, taking your blue to green. This is a great one for boosting the saturation in nature photos while also lending really cool tones to water. Seafoam gives off bold greens, bright color, and black shadows. Best for: flowers, nature, and water.


Have you ever wanted your sky to instantly be pink?! This is definitely something I seek out on the regular, which is why I created Glow! This filter is going to shift your blue-greys straight to pink and is the most dramatic change in the pack. This is ideal for sunsets, while maintaining red undertones and coral highlights. There are different kinds of photos I’ve applied Glow to, and they give off a really sweet pink vibe, which is always a good thing in my book! With a more specifically colored filter, my advice would be to play as much as possible. This is a fun one! Best for: sunrises, sunsets, and nature.

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Weekend

Weekend is warm and was inspired by the coastline. This is a hue shifter from blue to green but is ever so subtle. Weekend will slightly desaturate the blues and reminds me of 70s film with red and yellow undertones. This filter will keep your whites true and bright. Best for: nature and lifestyle.

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Lilac

I’ve been loving pastel purple tones this year, and this is my dream filter. It has a unique outcome and brightens any photo with a tint of Lilac. Another great filter for when the sun is low and the sky starts to change. This is going to cool down your blues and warm up the greens. Best for: sunrises, sunsets, and nature.

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Low Tide

Low Tide is truly great for anything and gives off a deep vibe. There’s a slight red undertone, so it looks great on skin and slightly desaturates the entire image. Best for: skin tones, food, interiors, and lifestyle. 

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Pacific

Pacific is in its own category but is balanced with rich tones that pull out your deep greens and blues. This was inspired by waves and is really going to deepen the blacks while saturating cool tones. Best for: water and nature. 

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Drift

Drift is the deepest neutral in the pack and has a faded shadow effect. This filter barely shifts colors, but if anything, will really make bright colors pop due to how rich the blacks end up coming through. It’s a fantastic one-click edit for achieving contrast and brightening all tones. Best for: lifestyle, nature, skin tones, and food.

A Color Story Weekend Tutorial Copper 

Copper was inspired by the rose gold colored sand at sunset and when the blue in the sky starts to fade away. When I started testing it on lifestyle, I instantly began using it for nearly everything. This filter is unique with desaturated tones that are subtly light blue accompanied by red shadows. It will shift your blues to a warm teal and is so fun to experiment with. 

I had such a blast designing Weekend and hope that you find something you love within it! I’ve been blown away by what you’ve been creating so far, and I can’t wait to see more. Be sure to check in on my feed (@ariellevey) as I’m always happy to let you know what filter from the pack I used for any given photo. As always, tag your photos with #AColorStory and let me know if you have any questions. 

Credits // Author and Photography: Arielle Vey.

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