By: rclayton

Hi everyone! I’m excited to chat with you about my ACS filter pack, Pop! My husband and I shoot in front of a wide range of colorful backdrops and lighting scenarios so editing with one particular filter or preset usually doesn’t work for me. I designed the Pop pack so that each of the fifteen filters would enhance photos from a particular color setting, give your images a bold, clean punch of color, and tie them together as a whole by emphasizing brightness and vibrancy. Pop was curated to celebrate color and it’s best for bright photos, fashion photography, and colorful backdrops.

Here’s an example of a photo edited with each of the 15 filters at 100% opacity so you can see the full effect. I recommend using the opacity slider for each filter edit and typically apply between 20-80% depending on the photo, less if I’m layering filters. I intentionally named each filter so you know what they achieve without having to remember everything below. Here we go…!



An anchor filter for Pop and a great base filter for layering. Adds contrast and saturation while brightening, creating a bold, clean look. Vivid is great for all colors and settings.


Brightens and cleans with an emphasis on balanced, crisp, stark whites. Great for bold graphics and minimal compositions that feature white backgrounds.


Like a cool island breeze swept over your images, this filter accentuates turquoise and aqua blues without adding a blue tint. Great for murals with blues tones and beach photos.


Add richness and vibrancy to images with jewel tone palettes, brings out true blacks.


Really pops images by boosting vibrancy. Great for neon colors, clean and bold compositions, art. This one is intense at 100% so don’t forget to use the opacity slider!


Oranges and yellows come to life in this filter which adds a luminous, sun-kissed glow without too much warmth.


A soft, subtle boost of saturation and brightness that lends a light, bright finish.


Great for shiny, deep, tomato reds to give your photos a punch without altering skin tone.


Perfect for cool tones and photos featuring blues and purples. Gives a light, creamy wash of brightness while lifting away blacks. Great for adding life and subtle pop to overcast shots.


A sunny polish that lifts your photos leaving them clean, crisp, and lemon fresh.


Similar to the Just Peachy filter but a bit warmer, more contrast, clarity, and with bolder blacks. Creates a warm, citrus feeling without as much of a glow.


A warm, honey mustard vibe but clean, and vintage or faded.


A bit moody but not to dark, this filter gives each image a bold, modern edit with deep contrast and really brings out blues and teals.


A rich pink and peach edit with brilliant, glowing skin tones.


For soft, natural tones and subtle color shifts, great for scenes with light backgrounds. Creates a creamy, milky effect.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you have fun editing with Pop! You can always find me on Instagram at rclayton if you have any questions regarding the pack. Thanks guys!

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