manage packs

Did you know that you can now manage in the app?  You can organize and sort your filter packs in a whole new way! The app already lets you drag and sort your packs (you can find the tutorial on that here!), but the manage packs feature allows you to hide, move, and download your packs all in one place. To find it, open the filter or effects menu and scroll to the very end of the list. Tap the manage packs icon and this brings you to the manage packs view. Here is what you can do:


reorder your purchased packs

To do this, hold your finger down on the 3-bar icon and drag it up or down. Release your finger once you have the pack where you want it to go. You can also do this in the main filter/effects menu view.


Hide unwanted packs

If you have any purchased packs that you no longer use or take up unwanted storage on your phone, tap “hide” next to the pack name and it will grey it out. You will notice that it no longer shows up in the main filter/effects menu and is completely erased from your phone, so it clears up some storage space too!


download hidden packs

You can always re-download hidden packs at any time! To do this, access the manage packs screen and tap the cloud icon next to the pack you want to bring back. Easy as that!


purchase/download new packs

If you’re an ACS+ member, any pack that you have not downloaded yet will have the hide icon and the cloud icon. This gives you the option to decide whether you want to download all of the packs, or hide a few until you’re ready to use them. For non-ACS+ members, you will also see packs that you have not purchased yet. These will have a plus sign next to them. If you tap those, it will open up their shop page and give you the option to purchase them. (You cannot hide unpurchased packs.)

We hope you love this new feature and find it helpful! As always, if you have any questions or have other tutorials you would like to see, please contact us at!

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