at home

At Home (by underthesycamore) is one of our most subtle packs, but great for lifestyle and indoor photography. Each filter creates a fresh new look to your photo without compromising skin tone or over saturating colors. This makes the pack feel cozy + clean. Here are examples of every filter in the pack (all at 100% opacity):



Brightens whites + boost in saturation. Great for indoor photos.

pool day

Overall brightens + mutes highlights.


Warmer filter + great for outdoor photos.

kick back

Another warm filter. Brightens highlights.

tire swing

Muted highlights + a slight blue tint. Great for outdoor photos.


Creates a slight warmth to whites. Overall brightens.


Subtle pink tint.


Adds a rosy tint to the shadows.

dirt road

Deepens contrast + brings warmth to highlights.


Brightens whites + slightly mutes the highlights.


Mutes the highlights. Great for indoor and lifestyle photos.


Classic black and white. Mutes shadows and brightens highlights.


Overall brightens photo.

One thing we really love about this pack is that it’s great to do one-filter edits with! If you love taking photos to simply have memories and keepsakes, this pack is so perfect for that! Ashley seeks to find the extraordinary in the ordinary with her photography and it really shows in this pack. Here is a before and after example:


This photo is edited with Exhale and really brightens the whites to give it a clean look!

You can find At Home in the app! You can download it for FREE if you sign up for our ACS+ membership. 🙂 As always, if you have any questions about the pack or have any suggestions of other tutorials you would like to see, reach out to us at!

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