Get the Look

get the look: warm + retro

This look is inspired by Elsie Larson’s Instagram feed. Stacking these filters creates a 70’s inspired and warm look to your photos. It also pulls the reds to give it a slight pop of color. Elsie also occasionally adds scratches, grain, and dust effects to her photos which can be best recreated with the Texture or Darkroom effects pack.


Instagram feed | elsielarson

Filters that best recreate this look: Hot Toddy (Essentials), Sunkiss (Sunkiss), Moonstone, Crystal, + Opal (Golden), + any effect from Darkroom or Texture.


Photo recipe:
20% Jadeite from Golden
37% Suede from Fawn
84% Peach Tea from Essentials
27% Brightness
33% Saturation

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