Custom Filters - A Color Story

Custom Filters

One of the awesome features in the app is the ability to save your own custom filters! This is a feature that’s easily overlooked, but so helpful for when you’re wanting to create a cohesive Instagram feed. Here is how to create a custom filter:


tap the icon between the undo + redo buttons

Once you add the edits to your photo that you want to use as your custom filter, tap the icon between the undo and redo buttons to view a list of your edits.


tap ‘save’

If you’re happy with your edits, tap the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the screen


name your filter

Name the filter whatever you want and tap ‘save’


view your filter

To view and apply your custom filter, tap the saved icon in the main menu, tap ‘my saved’ and apply your custom filter to the photo!

That’s it! From there, create as many unique filters as you want and play around with different looks. If you ever want to go back and edit your custom filters, just tap the saved icon in the menu and tap ‘edit saved’.

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