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Did you know Courtney Halverson, AKA @prettylittlefawn, is one of the first creators we worked with? Her style is perfect for this time of year, so we thought it was a great opportunity to take some time to chat about what inspires her. Let’s get to it!

What has been the biggest influence to your aesthetic?

I think a big part of my aesthetic comes from my travels. Growing up in Southern California meant that my earliest fashion choices were based on what I knew — beachy styles and California casual clothing. I never really felt much of a connection to what I wore because it just didn’t feel like me. Once I started traveling and was exposed to more styles (and different climates!) my love of earth tones and knitwear grew. I don’t always get to bundle up in the styles I love in LA, but I take any chance to inject a bit of coziness into my wardrobe. It just feels romantic and timeless to me.

Give us a little insight into why you create.

I’ve always had a drive to express myself, and for me that began in the acting world. To create characters and to work in both film & television gave me a taste for seeing visions come to life. I think I love being able to also blog because it allows me to have a little more control over what I create – to have an idea that I get to see fully realized.

Speaking of your blog, how do you find your photo locations?

To be honest, it is a bit hard for me to find the kinds of locations I like given that I live in LA! I love anything that feels vintage or timeless, so I tend to shy away from anything that is too modern or colorful – it’s just not my style. So I look for older architecture, textures and tones, and places that feel like they could be from times gone by. I use Instagram to search for locations, as well as just driving around and adding locations to my maps on my phone. And since I moved recently, I’m hoping to make my new home my primary location for shoots.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

Because of the variety of my schedule, every day is different from the last — but there are some constants. I always start my day with emails, which consists of checking in on current projects and following up with new requests. I try to post on Instagram 1-2 times a day, so a lot of my time is spent editing photos and making sure I have a “bank” of images to choose from as well as scheduled posts for sponsored content. If I have events to attend, those are usually during the day, and if I have new images I’d like to shoot I typically do those around sunset or very early in the morning to have the best light. I make it a point to stop using my phone in the evening so I can be present, so it’s always my aim to be “done” by 6pm, but I’m not always the best at checking out!

If you were limited to just one filter, which would you pick and why?

This is an easy one for me because it’s the filter I use on almost every single photo — Suede! I love that it combats green tones, and gives everything a warm and autumnal feel without being too cartoony. It’s my favorite!


Thanks so much to Courtney for taking the time to let us in on her creative process! You can check out her favorite filter, Suede, in the A Color Story app. Love a good, warm edit this time of year!

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