It’s Disco time!! We’re here to talk about our newest effect +pack, and we’re so excited to show you all 15 of them. Each of these effects celebrate light in its own way—bright, sparkly, multi-hued, and magical.

Let’s get to it!

no effect

disco kiss

A light touch of disco squares all over the image


This is one of the most subtle, and diverse, effects from this +pack! Love seeing it on all types of photos


A stronger light beam that is more sparse across the image

light beam

We love seeing this effect in kitchens and bedrooms, where a disco ball would catch that lovely morning light


Use this amber glow on an image with yellow & orange for it to blend in, or let it stand out on a photo with white!


“Dance” is almost a combination of a flare and a glittered effect, and it’s one of our favorites from this +pack!

glitter bug

Loving this one. You can apply it more than once for greater intensity if you want additional glam


“Stevie” has a burst of light on the edge that spreads into a glimmer. Change up where you move it on the image based on your light source


Add some glam with these bright diamonds! This effect would be particularly beautiful on images of water


This effect features sprinkles of light with a pastel hue. Love its overall charm!

Confetti pop

Confetti Pop looks just what it sounds like, and we love using it on photos with minimal composition

gold confetti

Another confetti moment! This one shows up great on darker images, as well, for a nighttime party vibe

lilac glow

Subtle and sweet! These violet specs add a fun texture to your photos


Kinetic is another subtle effect that will blend in more on brighter images, and show up more if your image is darker


Little stars! Use this one on its own, or double up for a more intense look

You can see the Disco +pack has a huge range of effect styles, while they all focus on that glowy look. We’re capturing some seriously magical moments with these!


See Sparkle in action on the photo above! It’s so fun how this effect adds *just* the right amount of shine to any image. It definitely changes the vibe of the photo!


Here’s an example of using Farah on a photo that already has similar tones—we love seeing how effortlessly it blends in to this cocktail hour.


Finally, we wanted to show you Slide on this image. It blends in so seamlessly, if we didn’t know better, we’d say that was a natural light reflection on her hair!! This is a great +pack to use for any photo that needs that special touch, and we hope you love it!

Use #AColorStoryDisco to share your edits with us, and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites. Sparkle away!

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