Cottage Core

Introducing Cottage Core! Our new filters are inspired by the romantic quality of everyday life, and spending time both at home and in nature. Giving the often overlooked moments their own palette, this filter +pack focuses on bringing an overall softness to your edits.

First, let’s take a look at each filter, applied at 100% opacity.

No filter


Brightens the image and gives greens a yellow tint


This gives the edit a subtle brightness and warmth


A dramatic edit that desaturates yellows while giving warmth to other hues.


Bright, with saturated greens. This one is fun to use with nature photos

shady day

Looks like it sounds! This edit gives the image a depth with warm grey undertones


Very bright with saturated red hues. We recommend using this filter at 50% opacity if you’re in full sun.

dried roses

A dreamy low contrast, black and white edit


Warm and bold, a modern sepia edit


Dark and dramatic, filmlike vibes

Now, let’s take a look at some before and afters!


The above image was edited using Eyelet, and we love how it offers such a dreamy warmth. It gives us all the ’70s vibes on this photo in particular!


This photo was edited using Wistful, and you can see how it deepens the photo instead of brightening it. You can, of course, add brightness too if you’d like! But we love how this filter enhances her skin tone.


One more fun one!! The Daydream filter really does something special to this photo, and we love it for a dramatic edit.

We have already loved seeing so many beautiful edits using the Cottage Core filters, and if you’d like to share yours with us, please feel free to hashtag your image using #ACSCottageCore. We’ll be reposting some of our favorites! xo!

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