Holiday | desktop

By Arielle Vey (@ariellevey)

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to dive into the details of my new desktop set, Holiday! This set was inspired by visiting my favorite places, and each preset/action was named after destinations I’ve been to (and fell for!). Holiday delivers bright blues, warm undertones, and pastels. They were designed to work with any kind of photo you capture whether it’s a trip to the tropics or a photo of your office space. This set is cohesive but each preset is unique in its own way.

Below is a summary of each preset to give you a better idea of how it will make your photos look:



This is the most neutral preset, perfect for indoor photos. It brightens whites but still allows colors to pop.


Capri will instantly brighten all colors and has bold blues. The primary tones will intensify with a vintage look and feel.


Warm undertones with a faded film look. Chelan feels like you’re looking through golden colored sunglasses.


Enhances colors with unique pastels with rich reds and pinks throughout. The shadows brighten up which makes this perfect for any lighting scenario.


Instantly lifts up bright colors. Tobago has a high contrast and the yellows will turn slightly orange.

I use Cabana for all of my indoor photos. The core colors still pop while brightening the entire image. It keeps the whites neutral with a subtle retro look. When used outside, it will give off a more desaturated effect with unique undertones.

I love applying Capri to outdoor photos because of its contrast and unique bright colors- especially the blues and greens!

Chelan is so fun for sunny photos because of its warmth. It has an earthy look and the blues become a bright pastel. Also, check out this amazing before + after!


The reds and oranges in Manzanita really pop with a bit of fade in the shadows as well.

Tobago is my go-to and instantly delivers high contrast, bold colors throughout, and the yellows will lean toward a faded orange-peach tone. And check out this before + after!


Thanks for letting me share and taking the time to explore these Lightroom presets + Photoshop actions. I hope you love Holiday!!

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