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Hey guys! It’s Katie Day (ohkatieday) and I’m OBSESSED with the first Desktop-exclusive set from A Color Story, “California” by Arielle Vey (ariellevey) featuring rich tones, ranging temperature and all-around beach vibes. It has me looking at flights to the Hills faster than you can say “Whatever happened to Heidi and Spencer”?

While it’s best for warm weather, beaches, and lifestyle, it can add beachy vibes to your photos even you’re currently stuck in a landlocked town. Like me. (Sigh…) Go chase some sunsets, then apply these ONE-TOUCH presets exclusively for Lightroom.


72 & Sunny

Warm glow with icy, cool blues and rich shadow detail


Warm with the perfect touch of filmy fade


Blue and faded like your favorite pair of vintage Levis


Brings out the violets and I love what it does to greens


Low contrast warm, faded, all the nostalgia feels


Rich shadows, orange glow, touch of mood

party wave

Cool and slightly desaturated – vibrant turquoise skies, I cannot stop with this filter!


Flattens the highlights without losing contrast


Turquoise blues and peachy reds. Love what the one does with a lot of sky

tower 9

Perfectly saturated rich color and nice detail in the shadows , try it on a sunset!


Creates perfect golden neutrals, soft without losing contrast

I mean!! You would almost think I took this in California, wouldn’t you? Not right here in the midwest…where the only sound of the ocean is on my white noise app…and me making my husband occasionally “caw” like seagull every few minutes while I sleep. I edited this one with Cannonball.

Try Tower 9 on a photo with a sunset/silhouette and you’ll be all ”WAIT. WHAT? Did I paint that? Omg. Am I BOB ROSS?”

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