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How do I install?
Photoshop users click here for full tutorial. Lightroom users click here.

I’m new to the Adobe Creative Suite. Do you recommend Lightroom Presets or Photoshop Actions?
It totally depends on your preferences, but here are some pros and cons. Photoshop Actions are easier “out of the box”. It’s a simple install process, and it allows you to adjust the intensity of the whole action by sliding the opacity of a layer up and down. Because Photoshop works in layers like this, it also allows you to stack actions on top of each other. Lightroom on the other hand does not let you stack presets. And if you want to change the intensity of a preset, you have to change the adjustments within it (e.g., exposure, contrast, shadows, etc.). However, Lightroom allows for batch editing, so you can match the look of several photos within a photoshoot. Additionally, because it works in settings, all of the color adjustments are available without the need of creating new layers for each.

In short, Photoshop’s layers allow for easy intensity adjustments and action stacking. Lightroom allows for batch editing and faster access to color adjustments.

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