The Wildflower Bloom Collection

{wildflower meadow, superbloom}

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The Wildflower Bloom Collection
by: teresa freitas

Style + Inspiration

This collection relies on pastels to give a light and picturesque look to your pictures, either through softer tones or bolder colors. This includes Wildflower Meadow and Superbloom preset packs.

Bristly Buttercup
Cuckoo Flower
Sea Lavender
Old Man's Beard
photos by teresa freitas

The Wildflower Meadow Set

Bird's Foot Violet (INFRARED II)
Black Eyed Susan
Blazing Star (INFRARED I)
Sheperd's Needle
photos by teresa freitas

The Superbloom Set

What's Included

60 Signature Presets or Actions (Available in JPEG and RAW)

Bristly Buttercup, Bristly Buttercup +, Bristly Buttercup -, Cuckoo Flower, Cuckoo Flower +, Cuckoo Flower -, Evening Primrose, Evening Primrose +, Evening Primrose -, Old Man’s Beard, Old Man’s Beard +, Old Man’s Beard -, Prickly Poppy, Prickly Poppy +, Prickly Poppy -, Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen Anne’s Lace +, Queen Anne’s Lace -, Sea Lavender, Sea Lavender +, Sea Lavender -, Shrubby Pimpernel, Shrubby Pimpernel +, Shrubby Pimpernel -, Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea +, Sweet Pea -, Wild Mint, Wild Mint +, Wild Mint -.

Bird’s Foot Violet, Bird’s Foot Violet +, Bird’s Foot Violet -, Black Eyed Susan, Black Eyed Susan +, Black Eyed Susan -, Blazing Star, Blazing Star +, Blazing Star -, Dune Pansy, Dune Pansy +, Dune Pansy -, Fairy Slipper, Fairy Slipper +, Fairy Slipper -, Leopard’s Bane, Leopard’s Bane +, Leopard’s Bane -, Poet’s Narcissus, Poet’s Narcissus +, Poet’s Narcissus -, Sheperd’s Needles, Sheperd’s Needles +, Sheperd’s Needles -, Snapdragon, Snapdragon +, Snapdragon -, Summer Lady’s Tresses, Summer Lady’s Tresses +, Summer Lady’s Tresses -.

Camera Raw Preset of each signature adjustment also included

+ Getting Started guide for installing and using

System Requirements

Lightroom Presets

A Color Story presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC  to work properly. Lightroom Classic CC is recommended.

Photoshop Actions

A Color Story actions for Adobe Photoshop require Photoshop CC to work properly.