The Chroma Set


The Chroma Set
by: a color story

Style + Inspiration

The name says it all. This set was designed for big, bold color. Pushing saturation and vibrancy, maintaining skin tones, and exploring the spectrum of highlights and shadows, look to these adjustments to find the richest colors.

photo by rosie clayton
Cup of Joe
photos by rosie clayton
Dusky +
photo by rosie clayton
Barbie Doll
Chroma -
Heart Eyes +
Night Light +
Cool Down
Star Gazer
Candy Girl -
Rose Gold +
photos by rosie clayton
Spring -
photo by rosie clayton
Fashion +
Flatter Me
photos by rosie clayton

What's Included

57 Chroma Presets or Actions

Barbie Doll, Barbie Doll -, Barbie Doll +, Breeze, Breeze -, Breeze +, Candy Girl, Candy Girl -, Candy Girl +, Catwalk, Catwalk -, Catwalk +, Chroma, Chroma -, Chroma +, Cool Down, Cool Down -, Cool Down +, Cup of Joe, Cup of Joe -, Cup of Joe +, Dusky, Dusky -, Dusky +, Fashion, Fashion -, Fashion +, Flatter Me, Flatter Me -, Flatter Me +, Heart Eyes, Heart Eyes -, Heart Eyes +, Joy Ride, Joy Ride -, Joy Ride +, Light, Light -, Light +, Night Light, Night Light -, Night Light +, Rose Gold, Rose Gold -, Rose Gold +, Spring, Spring -, Spring +, Star Gazer, Star Gazer -, Star Gazer +, Summer, Summer -, Summer +, Sunny, Sunny -, Sunny +

Camera Raw Preset of each signature adjustment also included 

27 Basic Actions or Presets

Every Desktop purchase includes:
+ 18 go-to tools for simple tweaks in brightness, contrast, mood, temperature, grain, and clarity
+ 9 simple B&W presets or actions
+ Getting Started guide for installing and using


System Requirements

Lightroom Presets

A Color Story presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom CC or 6 to work properly.

Photoshop Actions

A Color Story actions for Adobe Photoshop require Photoshop CC to work properly.