The B&W Set


The B&W Set
by: a color story

Style + Inspiration

Any artist knows black and white is never just black and white, and limitation fosters exploration. Pushing and pulling the temperature while navigating the possibilities in contrast and mood, B&W adjustments add just the right amount of drama to a photo.

Agent Cooper -
Twin Peaks
Jelly Donuts
Twin Peaks +
Black Lodge +
Audrey +
Agent Cooper
Jelly Donuts -
Cherry Pie
Twin Peaks +

System Requirements

27 B&W Presets or Actions

Agent Cooper, Agent Cooper -, Agent Cooper +, Audrey, Audrey -, Audrey +, Black Lodge, Black Lodge -, Black Lodge +, Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie -, Cherry Pie +, Coffee, Coffee -, Coffee +, Diane, Diane -, Diane +, Jelly Donuts, Jelly Donuts -, Jelly Donuts +, Laura, Laura -, Laura +, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks -, Twin Peaks +.

Camera Raw Preset of each signature adjustment also included 

27 Basic Actions or Presets

Every Desktop purchase includes:
+ 18 go-to tools for simple tweaks in brightness, contrast, mood, temperature, grain, and clarity
+ 9 simple B&W presets or actions
+ Getting Started guide for installing and using


System Requirements

Lightroom Presets

A Color Story presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom CC or 6 to work properly.

Photoshop Actions

A Color Story actions for Adobe Photoshop require Photoshop CC to work properly.