teresa freitas

Working with color to shape our perception of things and places.

What's Included

60 Signature Presets or Actions (Available in JPEG and RAW)

Bristly Buttercup, Bristly Buttercup +, Bristly Buttercup -, Cuckoo Flower, Cuckoo Flower +, Cuckoo Flower -, Evening Primrose, Evening Primrose +, Evening Primrose -, Old Man’s Beard, Old Man’s Beard +, Old Man’s Beard -, Prickly Poppy, Prickly Poppy +, Prickly Poppy -, Queen Anne’s Lace, Queen Anne’s Lace +, Queen Anne’s Lace -, Sea Lavender, Sea Lavender +, Sea Lavender -, Shrubby Pimpernel, Shrubby Pimpernel +, Shrubby Pimpernel -, Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea +, Sweet Pea -, Wild Mint, Wild Mint +, Wild Mint -.

Bird’s Foot Violet, Bird’s Foot Violet +, Bird’s Foot Violet -, Black Eyed Susan, Black Eyed Susan +, Black Eyed Susan -, Blazing Star, Blazing Star +, Blazing Star -, Dune Pansy, Dune Pansy +, Dune Pansy -, Fairy Slipper, Fairy Slipper +, Fairy Slipper -, Leopard’s Bane, Leopard’s Bane +, Leopard’s Bane -, Poet’s Narcissus, Poet’s Narcissus +, Poet’s Narcissus -, Sheperd’s Needles, Sheperd’s Needles +, Sheperd’s Needles -, Snapdragon, Snapdragon +, Snapdragon -, Summer Lady’s Tresses, Summer Lady’s Tresses +, Summer Lady’s Tresses -.

Camera Raw Preset of each signature adjustment also included

+ Getting Started guide for installing and using

System Requirements

Lightroom Presets

A Color Story presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom Classic CC or Lightroom CC  to work properly. Lightroom Classic CC is recommended.

Photoshop Actions

A Color Story actions for Adobe Photoshop require Photoshop CC to work properly.