arielle vey

Inspired by her Pacific Northwest roots and adventures around the world, Southern California based photographer Arielle Vey has an affinity for bold details and design. She loves painting, road trips, and enchiladas in every variety.

System Requirements

15 Holiday Presets or Actions

Cabana, Cabana +, Cabana -, Capri, Capri +, Capri -, Chelan, Chelan +, Chelan -, Manzanita, Manzanita +, Manzanita -, Tobago, Tobago +, Tobago -.

Camera Raw Preset of each signature adjustment also included 

+ Getting Started guide for installing and using


System Requirements

Lightroom Presets

A Color Story presets for Adobe Lightroom require Lightroom CC or 6 to work properly.

Photoshop Actions

A Color Story actions for Adobe Photoshop require Photoshop CC to work properly.