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Instagram post 2135321782543138911_1098918605 @sarakerens edited this fun one using Magic Hour from Essentials and Ginger from #AColorStoryPicnic 💛 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2135012208631745573_1098918605 Peaceful and serene! ✨ Edited using Moonstone from #AColorStoryGolden + custom adjustments by @doodlesandcaffeine #AColorStory
Instagram post 2134596929678480473_1098918605 Float on 🌸 A one-filter edit by @layeredvintage! She used Pop from the Essentials pack + color tint to get the hues just perfect 💖 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2134271642669449172_1098918605 Bright + airy! @jenniferheal's filter recipe is 30% Carrie from #FlashesOfDelight, 15% Jelly Bean from #CandyMinimal, and 10% Punch from the Blush pack 💛 #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2133872178844742382_1098918605 🌈 @anna_pal edited this with just one filter! Icing from #AColorStoryPicnic looks great here 💖 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2133539995269335720_1098918605 What a view 😍! @teverdeepasticcini edited this one using April from #AColorStorySeasons #AColorStory
Instagram post 2133147456916701672_1098918605 @elisachisanahoshi stacked Key Lime from #AColorStoryIsland, Lavender from #AColorStoryPicnic, and Rose from the Blush pack for this look! 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2132815205745361052_1098918605 @lorelai_sebastian stacked filters to create this mood, using May from #AColorStorySeasons, Enough from #AColorStoryIAM, Suede from #AColorStoryFawn + other adjustments 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2132422610737227292_1098918605 Simply beautiful!! @kristin_rohr's filter recipe is 30% Pacific from #AColorStoryWeekend and 30% Golden from #AColorStoryGolden 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2132090424469367810_1098918605 @taylor_fuller used the temperature + saturation tools to create this inspiring vibe! ✨ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2131697840544663945_1098918605 Above the clouds ☁️ @zstoth edited this using 80% Agate from #AColorStoryGolden 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2131366556378894150_1098918605 We're so excited today to release ADK 2.0 for our iOS app, @adesignkit, featuring some MAJOR updates including ADK+ and a brand new section to add vintage-inspired COLLAGE scans to your designs! 🌟 We can't wait to see you try it out & make something fun 💓#adesignkit
Instagram post 2130973078763418589_1098918605 A pastel dream! 🏖 @sarahwassen used Pool Day from #AColorStoryAtHome and Captiva from #AColorStoryIsland 💛 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2130640904363473042_1098918605 A one-filter edit using Haze from #AColorStoryNorthWest by @bird.travelwomen 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2130248406380052955_1098918605 Edited using Lemon and Vacation from #AColorStorySummer by @prettylittlebondi_ 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2129916116863035818_1098918605 Unreal beauty! 😍 Edited with September from #AColorStorySeasons and Honey Pot from #CandyMinimal by @wanderforawhile 💕 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2129523533131379519_1098918605 Love this shot! @prettylittlebondi_ used April from #AColorStorySeasons and stacked Firefly and Lemon from #AColorStorySummer 🧡 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2129191331443933718_1098918605 🌵 @dhykaesthetics began this edit with Magic Hour from the Good Vibes pack, then stacked on Oma from #ACSLostStories, Velvet from #AColorStoryPicnic, True from the Deep pack + custom adjustments. #AColorStory
Instagram post 2128798722443687008_1098918605 A one-filter edit using Sugar from #AColorStoryPicnic by @teverdeepasticcini 💙 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2128466572136899814_1098918605 A cozy morning at home! 😍 @_sare_xo captured this space using Carrie from #FlashesOfDelight and Sky from the Fresh pack. #glitterguidexacolorstory #AColorStory
Instagram post 2128073962802872729_1098918605 @kristin_rohr's filter recipe is 30% Agate from #AColorStoryGolden and 30% Pacific from the Weekend pack 🤩 #AColorStory
Instagram post 2127741769262006252_1098918605 Pretty in pink! 💓 @traveloutsidethebox's filter recipe is 70% Simple Syrup from #CandyMinimal and 40% Bath from #AColorStoryInterior ❣️ #AColorStory
Instagram post 2127349193177496431_1098918605 What a dreamy edit from @in_somnia_! 💖 This was created using Pop Song from the Good Vibes pack + a blush color fog. #AColorStory
Instagram post 2126988255408662395_1098918605 Friday's fresh, and @jeffmindell's Desktop set, The Shore, is here!! 😍🌴 We love Jeff's bright, crisp look, and he's now making it available in Lightroom presets + Photoshop actions for YOU to use! Head to our stories to see a few before + after photos and get the set. 💛 #AColorStory