06/26/2017: Apple is saying its issue causing the downloading error has been resolved. To download any purchases you’ve made and not received, go to the shop, scroll to the bottom and hit restore purchases.


I’ve reinstalled the app or gotten a new device. How do I restore my purchases?
Make sure you have a solid internet connection and are connected to the account that made the purchase. Go the ‘Shop’, scroll to the bottom and press restore purchases.

I’m not seeing the new +pack.
Check the app in the store to ensure you are on the newest version of the app, check that you are on a strong internet connection. Then, fully close out of the app. And then restart it.

I’m on Android, and the app is still acting super weird (filters/+packs aren’t showing up, misc. bugs out of nowhere, etc.)
If the above didn’t work, you could be in our beta group, which gets buggy builds not quite ready for everyday use. Go to A Color Story in the Google Play store, scroll to the bottom of the app’s product page and then tap to leave the beta group.

If these didn’t solve your problems, we’d love to troubleshoot with you. Fill out the form below.
Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p CST. We respond to every request as fast as we can. But please understand we are a very small team, so we apologize for any delay you may experience. Thank you so much for using A Color Story!

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